Crystal Healing

Benefit from the healing properties of crystals, minerals and stones during this guided meditation intended to connect you with the mystical properties of earth energy.

The Earth is a living organism, and in order to understand the premise of crystal healing, we recognize the fundamental perspective that Earth and all its components consists of energy (including you!). Ancient civilizations studied the effects that crystals, minerals and stones have on their surroundings and fellow humans. In modern times, we recognize clear quartz as a high quality resonator and incorporate it into watches, cell phones and computers, to name a few familiar devices. Just as quartz helps to regulate our modern conveniences, when worked with in an intuitive way, the earth elements can help balance and restore us through their subtle energetic properties as they interact with our own energetic composition.

During this guided meditation which focuses on honoring the Earth and her elements, Diane will introduce a variety of crystals, minerals and stones for you to connect with to encourage a balanced state of being. You are welcome to choose the crystals you would like to work with, and Diane is happy to make recommendations as well based on her understanding of their energetic properties. Crystals may be placed on or near certain energy points such as your wrist, feet, and forehead, or other areas you’d like to focus on to support balance and healing intention. You may also choose to hold a crystal in your hand as a gentle and supportive element. Diane will guide you to a relaxing state of mind while inviting you to connect with the energetic properties of the crystals. This is a beautiful invitation to reconnect with our precious planet and her invaluable resources while nurturing ourselves.


~ 60 minutes (1 hour): $125